YPC is KIVA's 3rd BIGGEST lender out of the Business Internal Groups

Published by Fam Islam

Hey guys,

YPC Group became the 3rd BIGGEST Kiva lender out of 1,019 lending teams in the 'Businesses - Internal Groups' category last month!

We've given out 453 loans to help families start their own business, to rebuild their homes or to expand existing businesses. Through Kiva, we've connected with people from all over the world - Peru, Mongolia, Vietnam... the list goes on...

YPC Group has been a proud lender of this non-profit charity organisation since 2009, and since then we have loaned a staggering £9177. Kiva's soul purpose since 2005 has been to recruit lenders like us to help diminish poverty around the world.

Here's one group out of 453 that we have loaned to through Kiva, Arise Club-Mpigi Group - Mpigi, Uganda Transportation/Motorcycle Transport. Although they are within the motorcycle business, the leader of the group, Kyemwa Abdul, wants to use the loan for his bigger passion which is investing in agriculture. Buying and selling agro produce will bring him 70,000 shillings a week.

This group is one of many tremendous groups within the Businesses - Internal Groups that needed a little helping hand. Click the picture below to see their story and how our participation has helped significantly.

Arise Club-Mpigi Group

Brett, chairman of YPC Group, has forever believed and encouraged in self development, education and making a difference in this world. This belief is ever present in YPC and it will always be the driving force for the company and everyone in it.

Click here to join the YPC Group team and donate to change someones life drastically today through the power of Kiva.

And whilst you're there have a look at the many important charities that YPC participates in www.ypcgiving.org

It's nice to give back sometimes,

Fam Islam
Marketing Assistant

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